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Hi! My name is Bernhard Schussek, but I'm generally better known as webmozart. I am a long-term member of the Symfony core team, lead developer of various Symfony components and PHP trainer and consultant. As Symfony's representative at PHP-FIG, I am a passionate proponent of interoperability in the PHP ecosystem. My latest project is Puli, a toolkit that unifies "bundles", "modules" and "plugins" across different PHP projects.

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Value Objects in Symfony Forms

Many times, Symfony developers wonder how to make a form work with value objects. For example, think of a Money object with two fields $amount and $currency:

class Money
    private $amount;
    private $currency;

    public function __construct($amount, $currency)
        $this->amount = $amount;
        $this->currency = $currency;

    public function getAmount() // ...
    public function getCurrency() // ...

Can you write a form type for this class without adding the methods setAmount() and setCurrency()? In this post, I will show you how.

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