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Hi! My name is Bernhard Schussek, but I'm generally better known as webmozart. I am a long-term member of the Symfony core team, lead developer of various Symfony components and PHP trainer and consultant. As Symfony's representative at PHP-FIG, I am a passionate proponent of interoperability in the PHP ecosystem. My latest project is Puli, a toolkit that unifies "bundles", "modules" and "plugins" across different PHP projects.

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Learn the essentials of Symfony's Form component directly from its creator.

Level Intermediate
Duration 1 day
Participants 3 - 12

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Results of the Puli Coding Night

Last night, the first Puli Coding Night took place. Overall, five people joined, two of which chimed in for the first time. The following tickets were completed:

Furthermore, work on the new Puli installer was started. The installer is based on Composer's installer script and will help you with checking your system for compatibility with Puli and downloading the latest puli.phar. The first version of the installer works already and will soon be available on puli.io. Jump to the installer repository if you want to help working on it.

Puli's Gitter channel was pretty busy. Read the Gitter chat log if you want to catch up on what was being discussed.

For me personally, the night was a full success. I hope to repeat it soon! :)

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