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In the previous days, a lot of media coverage about Puli was published. One of the more extensive and interesting articles is Can PuliPHP Re-Revolutionize PHP Package Development? on SitePoint. The article was written by Nicola Pietroluongo, who already covered an overview of the Webmozart Console component in a previous SitePoint article.

Today, Cal Evans published an interview he took with me at the phpkonf in Istanbul. You can listen to the interview on Voices of the Elephant. The interview gives a basic overview over what Puli is, how it started and where I hope that it will be going in the future.

Last but not least, DrupalCon Barcelona published a recording of my talk Puli: PHP's Next Package Revolution. I was ill on the day of the conference, so please bear with me if I couldn't give my best performance. However, I still think it the presentation is interesting for those who couldn't see it live:

Don't forget that tonight is Puli Coding Night! Join us if you want to learn about the project and get involved.

October 9: Puli Coding Night

This Friday, October 9th 2015 at 17:00 GMT (19:00 CEST) we will do a Puli Coding Night! This is the perfect opportunity for you to play with the project, ask questions, discover a new perspective of PHP package development and to start contributing.

If you are in Vienna (Austria) on that night, join us in our office! There will be beer and music. Please let me know in advance if you'd like to come around.

If you are in a different place, get your own drinks and join us on Puli's Gitter Channel.

Looking forward to seeing you! :)

Puli 1.0-Beta8 Released

Today marks the release of Puli 1.0-beta8. This version features the following changes:

  • Support for discovering PHP classes in Puli packages.
  • Support for loading bindings that match dynamic expressions.
  • Full Windows support.
  • Support for migrating puli.json automatically.
  • Fixed various bugs in the path-mapping repository.

Continue reading to learn more about these changes.

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Value Objects in Symfony Forms

Many times, Symfony developers wonder how to make a form work with value objects. For example, think of a Money object with two fields $amount and $currency:

class Money
    private $amount;
    private $currency;

    public function __construct($amount, $currency)
        $this->amount = $amount;
        $this->currency = $currency;

    public function getAmount() // ...
    public function getCurrency() // ...

Can you write a form type for this class without adding the methods setAmount() and setCurrency()? In this post, I will show you how.

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Managing Web Assets with Puli

Yesterday marked the release of the next beta version of Puli 1.0. Puli is now feature-complete and ready for you to try. The Puli documentation has been updated and contains all the information that you need to get started. My current plan is to publish a Release Candidate by the end of the month and a first stable release at the end of April.

The most important addition since the last beta release is Puli's new Asset Plugin. Today, I'd like to show you how this plugin helps to manage the web assets of your project and your installed Composer packages independent of any specific PHP framework.

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