Creating Mobile Symfony Sites

This guest post was written by Klemens Ullmann-Marx, a web developer in Vienna and founder of the company

Stumbling over a post in the symfony-users list I wrote down some information on how we manage mobile sites in our ullright platform. There's an old blog post about creating a symfony iPhone view. Most of it is still valid and it works.

But there is one serious drawback: You have to provide a mobile template for each action. That's why we created a tiny patch to provide a fallback to normal templates in case there is no special mobile one.

Here are the required parts:

Finally, provide a mobile template (or not): Normally you would put your template in apps/frontend/modules/myModule/templates/myActionSuccess.php. Now you can provide a mobile template by creating the following file: apps/frontend/modules/myModule/templates/

This also works for layouts, partials and components. Example: apps/frontend/modules/myModule/templates/

Here's the original post.

Have a nice day!