Symfony2 Form Survey

You are joining the Symfony Live conference in San Francisco this year? Good! I will be giving a talk about the Symfony2 Form component and you have the unique opportunity to vote on what I will be presenting. Today I have put up a survey with 23 topics that may find their way into my talk. These topics include questions such as:

  • How can I access the entity in buildForm()? I want to customize my form based on some property.
  • How do I create a collection field with JavaScripts to add/remove rows?
  • There are so many events, when should I use which one?

Which of these topics I will present is entirely up to you. So please take the survey and help me improve your experience of my talk. Oh, and if you take the survey there will be a prize, and a raffle, and one very lucky person… :)

You aren’t joining the conference in San Francisco? Then I also warmly invite you to participate in the survey. Pretty much one year after the first release of Symfony 2.0 and shortly before the release of version 2.1, we are eager to learn what our users are happy about, what they struggle with and what they would like to see improved, both in the usability and the documentation of the Form component. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to participate in the raffle during the conference, but your feedback will tremendously help us to improve future releases of the framework and its documentation.

Take the survey.

Check out the trainings section for Symfony forms trainings. Contact me if you want to organize a training for your company.