Improving the Forms

After my last post about simplifying symfony and especially the forms framework, I started diving into the forms framework to find out how we could improve it. I tried to find ways to improve the usability of this framework without reducing its mighty possibilities. Quite the contrary, I think that the forms can be made even mightier than they are now.

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No Piece of Cake

Welcome to all of you on my blog! Whether you are a PHP developer, a symfony power user or just getting started in object-oriented web application development – this blog is for you.

With my first post, I want to talk about symfony and where this blog is heading. And I don't mean "symphony" as in music – no! Scrap that "ph". It's "symfony", one of the greatest web frameworks that has been developed in PHP5 so far. (If you ever dare to write symfony with "ph", tiny kittens will suffer!)

Symfony is by a large part a product of Fabien Potencier'sg ingenuity and dedication. I want to deeply express my respect for his work at this point. The framework is a very well-thought piece of work and can immensely boost your productivity.

The amount of features and the complexity come with a drawback though: It takes a lot of time to learn how to develop efficiently with symfony. Many PHP developers are overwhelmed by the object-oriented concepts applied in the framework. Many call for a simplified version and I must agree that symfony suffers some usability problems lately. But why is that and how can we improve the current situation?

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