Learn how to use Puli for creating powerful, modular enterprise applications.

Perfect For

PHP developers who have experience with object-oriented PHP and want to create powerful plugin systems.


Know how to use Puli in PHP and Symfony projects. You will learn how to use Puli for resource and asset management. After the training, you will be able to create packages that discover each other's services and resources automatically once they are installed - the perfect foundation for modular enterprise applications.


Depending on your previous knowledge I will adapt the training to best fit your needs.

Some of the questions that I want to answer are:

  • What are the benefits Puli can bring to my application?
  • How do I install Puli in a standard PHP project?
  • How do I activate Puli in a Symfony project?
  • Can I use Puli and Symfony (or other frameworks) side by side?
  • How do I create a Puli package?
  • Can I automate the bootstrapping of a package?
  • How do I map and access resources in Puli packages?
  • How do I override other packages?
  • Can I use Puli to wire up my packages automatically?
  • How do packages discover other resources and services?
  • How do packages provide such resources and services?
  • What are the best practices for naming resource and class mappings?

You have other questions? Ask them during the training.


In the training, we will work on two demo applications: One Silex application that demonstrates how to use and install Puli in a project with no framework or just a micro framework. The second application is a Symfony application and demonstrates Puli's use in a Symfony context.

The training toggles between solving tasks yourself and showing solutions upfront. The training includes team work, where we'll build different application modules and see how easy it is to hook them together in the end.

Between the practical tasks, we will look at important theoretical concepts to give you a deeper understanding. This methodology has proven to offer a good balance between practice and theory.


The training slides will be provided to you as PDF. You will receive a Git repository that contains the code of the demo project. The repository also contains tags with the solutions of all the tasks in the training. This allows you to recap the training at home if you need to.

Meet the Creator Questions Answered

A unique chance to have your questions answered by Puli's creator and project leader.

Quick Facts Getting Started with Puli

The most important facts:

Level Intermediate
Duration 1 day
Participants 3 - 14

Details & Booking

Details & Booking

Book a private training on-site or participate in one of the open trainings listed below.

Contact me if you want to organize an open training in your area.

Location Date Language Price More
On-site training world-wide On demand English